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The New Executive Director

For several years, Dr. Apolonio S. Sito served as the Executive Director of the National Apiculture Research, Training and Development Institute (NARTDI). At 64, he had decided to filehis withdrawal of service. With the University Presidents approval to Dr. Sito’s request of relieve on November 18, 2013 and retirement of December 31 of the same year, NARTDI somehow, was saddened for the exit o the longtime Head of Office. However, more


CESO – DMMMSU-NARTDI Partnership Ends in May 2014

The Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO) is a Canadian not-for-profit volunteer cooperation organization   founded in 1967 and is based in Toronto, Canada. CESO’s mission is to contribute to the development by building capacity in governance and economic development through the transfer of knowledge and skills…more


NARTDI’s Revised VMGOs

The crafting of the VMGO statements for National Apiculture Research, Training (NARTDI) was initiated by the Institute Director. Upon advice of the University President (DMMMSU), the VGMOs were presented to the Institute personnel. To further…more

ILARDEC Regional Symposium, NARTDI RD&E Staff Participate

With the theme, “Bringing Science and Technology to the People as a Social Responsibility”, the 25th ILARRDEC Regional Symposium on R&D Highlights was held on October 23-24, 2013 at the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU), City of Batac, Ilocos Norte. This symposium is a yearly activity initiated by the Ilocos Agricultural Resources, Research and Development Consortium (ILARRDEC) to: allow…more


Entrep Skills and Leadership: CESO and DMMMSU-NARTDI Initiate

To successfully lead in both uncertain and unknowable situations, we need leaders who rely upon a fundamentally different rationale for the existence of business and are leveraging a different logic of business decision    making. Profit maximization and shareholder value creation, long considered an adequate basis for businesses…more feature

Studes Visit NARTDI Demonstration Apiary

With the continuing rise of DMMMSU-NARTDI being a national apiculture institute, frequent visitation at the demonstration apiary were recorded. more


Bee Pollination Services

Beekeeping is not only a venture which ensures the production of honey and other by-products for it also helps in the improvement of agricultural productivity through crop pollination. In 2012, through the initiatives…more



A leader, an agriculturist, an educator, a husband, father and a grandfather are just a few among the responsibilities of this man who persevered, struggled and overcame all challenges of life. In his 64 years of serving his Creator, he has unselfishly shared his knowledge, expertise and resources within and outside the University.With his very comforting tone, humble…more


CESO:PhiBI’s Arm

The National Apiculture Research Training and Development Institute (NARTDI) based at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU), Sapilang, Bacnotan, La Union is not alone in the advancement and improvement of the Philippine Beekeeping Industry.

The Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO) is a Canadian not-for-profit…more

January 05, 2015

To all interested individuals, the National Apiculture Research Training and Development Institute is now open for reservations for the conduct of Basic Beekeeping Training.

For inquiries, please contact Prof. Shirley O. Lopez, 0917-566-0144; Dr. Lolita S. Dulay, 0921-722-9265; Ms. Mishima P. Soliba, 0908-716-6632 or e-mail us @ nartdi_dmmmsu@yahoo.com, visit us on our facebook fanpage.