2013 Canada Bee Tour

2013 Canada Bee Tour02

After the September 2012 Administrators Study Exposure Tour in Canada, another visit was organized by CESO and NARTDI on September 22-27, 2013. There were three from the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University

(DMMMSU) and another three from Benguet State University (BSU) who attended the tour.

The Philippine delegation to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was composed of the following: Dr. Adriano T. Esguerra, DMMMSU Vice President for Planning and Resource Generation; Mr. George T.Bondot, DMMMSU – NARTDI Procurement Officer & In – Charge of IGPs; Ms. Jessie Almoite, DMMMSU – URE Head, Budget and Monitoring; Dr. Ben D. Ladilad, BSU President and wife, Mrs. Ladilad; and Dr. Luciana Villanueva, BSU Vice President for Research and Extension.

2013 Canada Bee Tour01

Participants to the said tour were able to: personally visit the Provincial Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives of Manitoba; meet the Manitoba Provincial Apiarist, Rheal Lapreniere and the Provincial Laboratory In – Charge on Apiculture, David Ostermann; familiarize themselves on the roles of Manitoba government in supporting the development and growth of the local beekeeping industry; visit to the University of Manitoba, its apiary sites and laboratory facilities, and have the chance to meet the Vice President for Research and International, Dr. Digvir Jayas who gave details on the relationship of the University and the beekeeping industry.

Also, the group was toured to Portage La Prairie and Brandon Area where the Food and Development Center is located. They met the General Manager, Lynda Lowry, the Processing Coordinator, Jiang Qi, and other staff of the center who warmly welcomed the administrators and showed the Center’s processing plant and equipment.

2013 Canada Bee Tour04

A travel to Lewis farm owned by Murray Lewis was also part of the study tour where procedure on the fabrication of beekeeping equipment at the farm was shown to the team. At one point, Mr. Bev Clark, CESO Volunteer Adviser delivered a lecture on queen rearing in relation to Queen Breeders Association in Manitoba.

Durston Honey Farms and Ash Apiaries Ltd were also visited. Large commercial beekeepers, Allan Campbell and Bryan Ash who operate an apiary with workers from Nicaragua have a complete processing and packaging plant. They harvest a thousand barrels of honey locally marketed and are exported, too.

They’ve also traveled to Bee Maid Ltd, Honey Producers Ltd and at Phil Veldhuis’ Starbuck where a lecture on the detailed production of queens, honey and other value added opportunities for apicultural products were presented.

2013 Canada Bee Tour05

Filipino workers of Rob and Marg Smith who are also commercial beekeepers met the team at Winnipeg.

Aside from the numerous apiary and center visitations, the week-long tour also gave the team the chance to witness the Annual Honey Show Festival at the Winnipeg Public Market.

This festivity is participated by all beekeepers in Winnipeg where products of their own apiaries are displayed and sold.

This is organized to showcase the importance of honey and honeybees.

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