Doc A. SitoA leader, an agriculturist,an educator, a husband, father and a grandfather are just a few among the responsibilities of this man who persevered, struggled and overcame all challenges of life. In his 64 years of serving his Creator, he has unselfishly shared his knowledge, expertise and resources within and outside the University.

With his very comforting tone, humble dispositions in life and motivating leadership skills, he has already touched and made a difference in the lives of people in the country. Those characteristics that he innately possesses makes him admirable and respectable.

Dr. Apolonio S. Sito is from Bumbuneg, San Gabriel, La Union. Being the Director of the National Apiculture, Research, Training and Development Institute (NARTDI) formerly known as the Apiculture Training and Development Center (ATDC) based at the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU), he has devoted his 41 fruitful years, of government service to apiculture.

His educational background shows that Dr. Sito finished his BS Agricultural Education at the Mountain State Agricultural College (now the Benguet State University) in 1969-1973; pursued his Master of Science – Specialized on Horticulture at the Benguet State University in 1997-1980, and Ph.D in Agricultural Science – Specialized on Farming System at the Gregorio Araneta University Foundation in 1983-1987.

His passion for continuous learning encouraged him to involve himself in various trainings and exposures in the local and international levels. He tapped the assistance of supporting agencies (both private and civic groups) that offered him doorways to come up with noteworthy outputs in beekeeping such as: Institutionalization of beekeeping through RA 9151; Establishment of the Demonstration apiary of NARTDI; Establishment of 12 SUCs Provincial and Regional Satellite Centers; Publication of a book entitled, “Beekeeping Practices in the Philippines”; and forging of collaborative projects with the Local Government Units / Foreign Partner Agencies.

He has also conducted numerous researches, attended several conventions, initiated various trainings, and undertaken other activities to introduce beekeeping in places where potentials for its growth is abound.

His commitment and courage has paved the way for the success of NARTDI and the beekeeping industry in the country. A living example of a model public servant. DR. APOLONIO S. SITO’s name is now etched in the history of DMMMSU – INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE, and ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADER, TEACHER and RESEARCHER, rolled into one.

A modern day hero in action!

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