To boost the research projects and extension services of the R & E Division of the National Apiculture research, Training and Development Institute

(NARTDI), thru its personnel separately attended two consecutive April Conferences. The 3rd Asian Conference on Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria and other microbials was held on April 21-24 at Hyatt Hotel, Manila. The said event was participated by the Division Chief, Extension Services of NARTDI, Dr. Lolita Dulay. The conference build bridges among researches, industry stakeholders and policy makers who discussed the strengths and weaknesses of their respective regions in developing products of PGPR for community forming purposes.

Meanwhile, Mr. Joseph A. Panas, Manager of NARDI Demonstration Apiary and Mishima P. Soliba, Science Research Specialist I were attendees during the 2-Day Seminar on Production of Spodoptera litura Nucleopolyhedrosis virus (NPV) and Neem Products for Insect Pest Management held on April 29-30 at Benguet State University, La Trinidad Benguet. The above-named seminar was spearheaded by BSU Research & Extension Division through the leadership of Vice President Dr. Luciana Villanueva. Dr. G.V. Ranga Rao, Special Project Specialist of ICRISAT served as the speaker who talked about the technology on utilization of Spodoptera litura on the production of NPV to control cutworms that belong to the group of destructive insect pests of over 120 plants species ( Also, the use of neem seed kernel extract and neem powder to control the cited insect was also discussed.

As a result, these seminars are of big help in the creation of new ideas that may suit to be incorporated in the existing and new projects of the institute.