Studes Visit NARTDI Demonstration Apiary

With the continuing rise of DMMMSU-NARTDI being a national apiculture institute, frequent visitation at the demonstration apiary were recorded.

NARTDI Demonstration Apiary

With the aim to personally appreciate the wonders of honeybees and acquire basic information, twenty one students of Dr. Diosdado B. Bangug taking up Masteral class in Public Fiscal Administration from the DMMMSU-MLUC College of Graduate Studies, fifty faculty and pupils of the MBC Lily of the Valley School Inc., and five pupils from the HEED Foundation Incorporated, came to visit NARTDI’s demo apiary on the 12th, 25th, and 30th of October, 2013, respectively.

Travel visits are manifestations of people’s rising interest to recognize the benefits of honeybees not only to food security but also to health and environmental facets.

Everyone who wishes to have a personal visit at the NARTDI demonstration apiary may organize a schedule with the Institute Demo Apiary /Extension staff.

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