Isabela Provincial Satellite Center

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History of the Isabela Provincial Apiculture Training Center

On February, 2005, the National Apiculture Research Training and Development Institute at the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, (NARTDI-DMMMSU) Sapilang, Bacnotan La Union, conducted a 5-day Basic Beekeeping Training. They invited participants from different agencies. Isabela State University is one of the agencies which was invited so, the former president of the Isabela State University, Dr. Romeo R. Quilang sent five participants from the University to attend the training. Two from Cabagan Campus, one from San Mariano Campus, one from Angadanan Campus and one from Jones Campus. After the 5-day Basic Beekeeping Training, three among the participants from the Isabela State University claimed that 5-day Basic Beekeeping Training is not enough so they requested for a one month hands-on training on Hive Management and was approved by the NARTDI, headed by Dr. Apolonio Sito and on June 2005, the three trainees from the Isabela State University went back to NARTDI for their hands-on training on Hive Management. One Participant from Cabagan Campus, one from San Mariano Campus and one from Jones Campus actively immersed themselves on hive management to ensure maximum acquisition of skills required in Apiculture.

Just after their Hands-on Training on Hive Management, each participant bought 5 colonies each to start-up their apiculture project in their respective Campuses.

The Apiculture Projects of the Isabela State University at Cabagan Campus, San Mariano Campus and Jones Campus had been monitored by the personnel of the National Apiculture Research Training and Development Institute every after three months but, unfortunately, the Apiculture Project of Cabagan Campus and Jones Campus failed and the Apiculture Project of San Mariano Campus taken cared off by the Project In charge, Mr. Patrick L. Bete succeeded.

On March 2006, the Isabela State University San Mariano Campus headed by Dr. Clarinda C. Galiza spearheaded the conduct of  a Farmer’s Day and was attended by hundreds of farmers from the different barangays of San Mariano and nearby municipalities. Honey extraction was the highlight of the occasion and was witnessed by the representatives from the NARTDI, ISU Officials, and the Congressman of the 2nd district of the province of Isabela, representatives from the provincial government of Isabela, LGU officials of San Mariano and nearby municipalities in the Province of Isabela.

Four months after the Farmers Day, the Isabela State University conducted its first Beekeeping training and was witnessed by the representatives from the NARTDI, University Officials, and LGU officials of San Mariano. After few months, the Isabela State University, San Mariano Campus conducted its second Beekeeping Training without the representatives from the NATRDI and was done successfully. So, the NARTDI proclaimed ISU, San Mariano Campus as the Provincial Apiculture Training Center for the Province of Isabela.

Now, the ISABELA STATE UNIVERSITY San Mariano Campus being the Provincial Apiculture Training Center is conducting trainings on Basic Beekeeping, Hands-on Training on Apiculture, Enhancement Training on Hive Management and Specialized Training on Queen Rearing.

The Provincial Apiculture Training Center for the Province of Isabela is now serving not only the province of Isabela but also to the nearby Provinces.



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Assistance Received for the Improvement of the Provincial Apiculture Satellite Center, Province of Isabela

A. Assistance from NARTDI:

– Technical Assistance

– Financial Assistance

₱ 250,000.00 for apiary development and for research on flower phenology.


B. Assistance from CESO:

– Technical assistance through the VA’s. (V.A. Stan Sandler and V.A. Peter Keating)

– Sponsored a six months apiculture training in Canada.

C. Assistance from the University

– Received ₱ 350,000.00 for the renovation of the Apiculture Training Center.

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– Financed the travel of the Apiculture In-charge for six months Apiculture training in Canada.

– Approved Php. 100,000.00  requested by the San Mariano Campus  as financial assistance to start the construction of the Honey Extraction Room.

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D. Assistance from the DTI – Province of Isabela

– Improvement of the bee product packaging.

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Trainings conducted

Conducted series of training On:

1. Basic Beekeeping Training

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a. Hands on Training on Apiculture

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b. Training on Queen Rearing

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Research and Extension


– On going research on bee pollination


a. Monitoring on the colonis of the beekeepers in the Province of Isabela and nearby Provinces.

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b. Extending technical assistance to beekeepers and to individuals who are interested to learn beekeeping.

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Some Sources of Pollen and Nectar in the Province

dorsata Untitled-1 Pollen and Nectar in Isabela1
Pollen and Nectar in Isabela2 Pollen and Nectar in Isabela3 Pollen and Nectar in Isabela4


Year Kgs. of Honey Kgs. of Honey Kgs. of Wax No. of Col. Honey Vinegar (Lit.) No. of Mated Queen
2013 332 0 5 3 0 3
2012 105 0 2 5 0 0
2011 212 0 0 29 40 4
2010 55 0 7 7 24 8
2009 0 0 0 8 0 3
2008 0 0 0 4 0 1
2007 105 1 6 14 40 0
2006 48 1/4 3 3 20 3
2005 0 0 0 3 0 3


Statement of Income

Year Gross Income Total Expenses Net Income ROI
2013 181,400.00 48,020.00 133,380.00 -33.3%
2012 107,300.00 23,212.50 84,087.50 334.8%
2011 281,400.00 96,965.00 184,435.00 67.55%
2010 68,280.00 31,570.00 36,710.00 185.2%
2009 10,000.00 28,000.00 -18,000.00 -180%
2008 40,000.00 14,040.00 26,000.00 116.3%
2007 55,500.00 33,125.00 22,375.00 190.2%
2006 72,700.00 16,720.00 55,980.00 362.2%
2005 40,000.00 60,000.00 -20,000.00 277.8%



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