First Quarter Accomplishment Report for CY 2013-2014


NARTDI Extension and Development Program
Accomplishment Reports
1st Quarter CY 2013


The National Apiculture Research, Training and Development Institute (NARTDI) extension program is lifted from the Development Plan of the Institute. It is designed as a bridge of the generated technologies in order to reach the beekeeper-clientele for its adaptation or utilization.

There are enough beekeeping technologies and practices but the diffusion to the beekeepers remained to be the problem that resulted to the slow growth of the bee industry. This extension program therefore is primarily designed to undertake the following functions:

  1. Undertake training program for the farmers, extensionist, out of school youth and under employed members of the society;
  2. Establish beekeeping communities, provincial apiculture program with the LGU’s;
  3. Develop beekeeping and agroforestry models;
  4. Produce and package beekeeping technologies;
  5. Provide support in the conduct of beekeeping symposium, technofora, convention conferences and workshops;
  6. Provide technical assistance to the beekeepers and other agencies as part of the institutional development program;
  7. Establish linkages for fund sources and networking.

General Objectives:

The NARTDI extension program aims to promote beekeeping for sustainable development to address food security, enhancement of environmental protection and conservation, creation of employment and improvement of health and nutrition of farmers / beekeepers.

Extension Programs

The following are the extension programs of NARTDI with the corresponding accomplishments for the first quarter (January – March) of CY 2013.

A. NARTDI Training Program

  • Prepared annual operational plan
  • Conducted 5-day basic beekeeping training on March 11-15, 2013

NARTDI Staff                     –              8

Outside Participants       –              16

Total                                      –              25

  • Continued accepting reservations for another batch of training.

B. NARTDI Demonstration Apiary

1.      Brought back 20 honey production colonies migrated at Baguio.

2.      Prepared  1 new apiary  site at San Juan, La Union.

3.      Strengthened 37 production colonies at Buguias, Benguet for queen and honey production.

4.      Produce 240 kgs. Honey at Buguias.

5.      Produced  89 nucleus colonies at Buguias.

6.      Prepared 42  honey bee starter colonies for partner institutions and research.

      •  DA-Region 1/Geofrey Ranchez   –   5
      • Cagayan State University               – 10
      • Pampanga Agricultural College   – 15
      • NARTDI research                               – 12

7.      Processed, packed and labelled and submitted 100 cartoon (24bottle/cartoon) and 8 bottles, and 80 pet bottles of honey

8.      Prepared apiary sites and colonies for field  orientation and practicum of the 5-day basic beekeeping training conducted March 20-24, 2013

C. Bee Health and Development

1.      Conducted mite detection on colonies.

2.      Mass treated NARTDI demonstration and research colonies against mite infestation.

3.      Conducted detection on frog predation.

4.      Provided net trap around apiaries to prevent frog infestation.

5.      Provided control measures on predatory birds.

D. Queen Production

1.      Conducted queen rearing activities at Buguias, Benguet with the following activities:

2.      Six (6) times grafting

3.      Weekly preparation of mating nucs, breeder colony, sticking of queen cells, preparation of cell builder, checking of mated queens and catching of mated queens.

    •  Produced 159 queen bees ( 4 casualty)
    • Provided 96 ripe queen cells to Buguias Beekeepers and BSU Buguias Campus
    • Prepared banking colonies for queen bees
    • Prepared queen bees for beekeepers and Partner Institutions:


–       Dolores and Sariaya Quezon    – 22

–       OPAG La Union                      – 10

–       BSU                                          –   1

–       Laoag                                         –   2

–       Philippine Navy                         –   2